Texas Counties Deliver
County Tax Assessor-Collector
Stephens County Courthouse
200 West Walker
Breckenridge, TX  76424

Phone: 254-559-2732
Fax: 254-559-2960




We want to give as much advance notice as possible that on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Election Day, the Tax Office will be closed for all business transactions OTHER THAN ELECTIONS. We will be open from 6:40 AM that morning and remain here throughout the day at the disposal of any voters needing assistance and our five different Election Judges and Precincts at their respective locations throughout the county. We will also be processing all the early voting ballots and the ballots by mail that day and preparing for smooth and successful Election Night Returns. We will stay until all precinct boxes have been returned, and votes have been counted, reported and posted that evening.

All other business as usual will resume on Wednesday, November 4, 2020


House Bill 25, passed during the 85th Legislative Session, eliminated straight-party voting effective September 1, 2020 (Section 64.004, Texas Election Code).  If you wish to vote for all of the candidates affiliated with one party, you should select each candidate one at a time on your ballot.

November 3, 2020 General Election Ballots

By clicking below you will find sample ballots for the upcoming election.   This is a joint election with the City of Breckenridge as well, so if you are in precincts 1-11, 2-11, 3-11, or 4-11 AND reside within the City Limits of Breckenridge, you will look at the Ballot for your precinct which says “City and County” at the bottom of the ballot.   If you are in these precincts (1-11, 2-11, 3-11, 4-11) and are NOT in the city limits you will look at the Ballot for your precinct which says “County Only” at the bottom.   If you are in 2-19, 3-19, 4-19 or 5-11 then there is only one ballot to choose from (no city limits).

If you have any questions about which precinct you are in, please call us at 254-559-2732, and
REMEMBER, Monday, October 5 is the LAST day to register to vote!!!!



This will take you directly to the SOS Election Turnout Data page.   You will then select the appropriate Election and click on submit.   Then click the drop down menu that says “Select Early Voting Date” and click submit.  You will then have to scroll down to find Stephens County.   (Rather than listing them alphabetically, the SOS elected to list them by # of registered voters, so Stephens County is way down on the list.   Our # of registered voters is 5,531 so you can find it pretty easily by looking for the # of voters)   This page gives you interesting statistical cumulative information on voter turnout, and then a link (Click Here) that takes you to an excel file listing the voters who voted in that Party Election for that day.

(Note:  Our precinct #’s are 1-11, 2-11, 2-19, 3-11, 3-19, 4-11, 4-19, 5-11.   In the excel format they are coming up as dates like 1=January, 2=February, etc.   this can be manipulated/corrected by manually correcting them in your excel file and changing the column field to “text”)

For Stephens County Property Tax information, please visit here
then under Collecting Offices select, “Stephens TAX”
Property Tax information can be looked up by name, address, ID, or Legal Description
Taxes can be paid online by clicking the “View Property” link, and then scroll down and click on “Click here to view actual Property Tax Bill”
You can then click on the link to “Pay Property Taxes” and follow instructions from there.


To Renew Auto Registration Online:   www.texas.gov
To Pay Property Taxes Online:   https://swp.paymentsgateway.net/
To Renew Boat Registration Online:  www.tpwd.state.tx.us
For Manufactured Housing Titling and Information:  www.tdhca.state.tx.us/mh
To Find Out if You are Registered to Vote, or to Register Online:   www.votetexas.gov